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Launch Documentary: CO2 as a Feedstock


Today, we launched out CCU documentary: CO2 as a Feedstock. We’ve been working the last couple months on the video to spread the word on CCU, its possibilities and future. And now it is live!

CO2 as a Feedstock is a short documentary about opportunities and companies in the Dutch CCU market. As CO2 Smart Use, we are working on positioning CO2 as a feedstock to a bigger audience and to policy makers. This documentary is the result of working on these goals and presenting interesting companies in the Dutch CCU market. It is produced by Industrielinqs and &Flux for CO2 Smart Use.

Featured in the documentary are:

  • Rob Kreiter (TKI Energie)
  • Ulco Vermeulen (Gasunie)
  • Joost Brinkman (Synkero)
  • Erica Ording (Avantium)
  • Dennis Medema (Glastuinbouw NL)
  • Peter Rowe (Deep Branch)

The documentary is partially in Dutch and in English. Both Dutch and English subtitles are available. Let us know, what you think of the documentary and spread the word. Enjoy!

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On November 4th, we are organizing a hackathon on CCU. More specifically, we will explore the world of building materials that capture CO2 and store it permanently. The reason for organizing this hackathon is creating awareness of and knowledge about these solutions, that can help us achieve our public and private goals on CO2 reduction.

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Carbon8 Systems deployed its CO₂ntainer to Vicat Group’s cement


The global cement industry is responsible for 8% of global emissions and is facing increasing pressure to accelerate its decarbonisation efforts. Vicat has committed to reducing its CO₂ emissions by 2030 and is targeting climate neutrality by 2050. As part of its sustainability goals, the company started working with the UK-based Carbon8 Systems.

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The CO2 Smart Use website aims to connect all parties involved in CCU in the Netherlands, whether they are national or international players. We are therefore looking for all businesses in the Netherlands who already work on CCU, what they do, and who they’d like to get into contact with. What do you have to offer for the Dutch context?


Mark can tell you all about the CCU network and would love to help you connect with other parties in the CCU industry!