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Carbon8 Systems deployed its CO₂ntainer to Vicat Group’s cement


In 2020 Carbon8 Systems deployed its first commercial CO₂ntainer to Vicat Group’s cement plant in Monatalieu, France.

CO₂ntainer for Vicat Group

The global cement industry is responsible for 8% of global emissions and is facing increasing pressure to accelerate its decarbonisation efforts. Vicat has committed to reducing its CO₂ emissions by 2030 and is targeting climate neutrality by 2050. As part of its sustainability goals, the company started working with the UK-based Carbon8 Systems.

Carbon8 Systems invented and patented a process to help the decarbonisation of heavy industries like cement and steel production, as well as Energy from Waste, and at the same time utilising and converting industrial residues into products for the construction industry. The award-winning technology captures carbon directly from the source and uses it to treat industrial residues such as cement bypass dust (CBD) from the cement industry.

Dr Laury Barnes-Davis, Scientific Director at Vicat calls it an attractive “two-part technology proposition: capturing the CO₂ that Montalieu emits and using it to produce an aggregate that can be marketed to industry”.

Carbon8 Systems and Vicat are showing that the cement industry’s future has started today; carbon capture and utilisation solutions are ready to help the sector decarbonise and transition to a circular economy.

Read the full article here: https://c8s.co.uk/carbon8-systems-to-deploy-its-pioneering-technology-at-vicat-group-cement-company-in-france/

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