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CO2 Smart Grid Documents

CO2 Smart Grid was the predecessor of this platform. We did several studies on the prospects of a smart grid distributing CO2 in the western part of the Netherlands, summarized in a final Feasibility phase – end report.

Maatschappelijke Kosten- en Batenanalyse (MKBA, NL)
Download pdf (2 MB)
Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA/MKBA, EN)
Download pdf (2 MB)
Survey business community (NL)
Download pdf (2 MB)
Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
Download pdf (2 MB)
Economic effects (NL)
Download pdf (465 KB)
Prefeasibility study 2017
Download pdf (2 MB)
Feasibility phase – end report
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Here you’ll find documents and presentations shared during one of our events.

Congress 2019 – Carbon8 PPT
Download pdf (2 MB)
Network Event: Accelerating CCU Products (18/05) – Summary Slides
Download pdf (3 MB)
EU Industry Days 2020 – Presentation CO2 Smart Use
Download pdf (4 MB)
EIES 2020 – CO2 Smart Use
Download pdf (578 KB)
EIES 2020 – Subsidy structures 2021, TKI E&I
Download pdf (254 KB)
EIES 2020 – Carbon Upcycling Technologies
Download pdf (921 KB)
EIES 2020 – Deep Branch technology
Download pdf (7 MB)
EIES 2020 – North CCU Hub initiative
Download pdf (2 MB)
EIES 2020 – Suez ReEnergy, Osiris project
Download pdf (749 KB)
Top 30 Event (261120) – Glastuinbouw Nederland PPT
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Top 30 Event (261120) – RVO PPT
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Governmental information

Under this topic you can find several governmental reports and programs, such as the MMIP 6 and a factsheet on CCU subsidies from TKI and RVO.

Klimaatafspraken Industrie (NL)
Download pdf (939 KB)
Factsheet webinar CCU subsidies (NL)
Download pdf (268 KB)
MMIP 6 – Sluiting van industriĆ«le ketens (NL)
Download pdf (1 MB)


Under this topic, several relevant documents from European origin are published.

TEA&LCA Guidelines for CO2 Utilization v1.1
Download pdf (6 MB)
CO2 Value Europe (CVE) – Manifesto policy recommendations 2020-2024
Download pdf (813 KB)
CVE and Carbon180- communicating the value of CO2
Download pdf (4 MB)
CVE position paper on CCU
Download pdf (2 MB)
LCA4CCU – directorate-general energy
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Other documents, e.g. from the industry

Circular Biobased Delta – 10 year plan
Download pdf (7 MB)
TIKI Adviesrapport klimaatakkoord industrie (NL)
Download pdf (8 MB)
NZKG – vliegwiel voor een duurzame toekomst (NL)
Download pdf (497 KB)


The CO2 Smart Use website aims to connect all parties involved in CCU in the Netherlands, whether they are national or international players. We are therefore looking for all businesses in the Netherlands who already work on CCU, what they do, and who they’d like to get into contact with.
What do you have to offer for the Dutch context?


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