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In November this year, we organized an online event for the Top 30 leading CCU companies for and in the Netherlands. We all know that thought leaders, investors and visionaries are key to accelerating a transition. That’s what we wanted to facilitate.

Our focus during the event was on the current challenges in the CCU industry. What is the essence of what we want to achieve, what needs to be done now to accelerate and who can (or should) take which role?

The full programme can be found below. Interested in discussing topics further with one of the speakers? Contact them via our database or ask for a direct connection via us!

Programme Top 30 event

The programme of this event started with the CCU potential in the Netherlands:

    1. Dennis Medema (Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands) talks about the challenges of CCU in greenhouse horticulture.
    2. Jan Willem Reuchlin (Port of Amsterdam) talks about the scope of Athos.
    3. Discussion: Where is the real potential for CCU in the Netherlands until 2030;
      • Knowledge and valorisation or also large volumes?
      • And in which sectors: Agri / building materials / chemicals / fuels?
      • And with which CO2: biogenic / waste / atmosphere or also fossil CO2?


During the second block, current developments, such as innovations, business cases, laws & regulations and subsidies, were discussed:

    1. Martijn van de Sande (RVO) talks about grants awarded for CCU projects in 2020
    2. Arie Kalkman & Rajat Bhardwaj (TNO) talk about CCU and synthetic fuel production from a global perspective (application to the Port of Rotterdam).
    3. Discussion: What is the real motivation for CCU in the Netherlands and what will make the difference?
      • CCU: is that a mission-driven or a market-driven story?
      • Does CCU offer an economic perspective and, if so, under what preconditions?
      • And what do we need to work on in the coming years, on the rules, on subsidies or on technology?


In the third and final block, we discussed the future of CCU in 2021.

  1. Marcel van de Kar (VOPAK) talks about VOPAK’s vision on the CCU market
  2. Petrus Postma (CO2 Smart Use) provides feedback on the research into challenges for CCU
  3. Discussion: what must happen in 2021 to further accelerate the dynamics around CCU in the Netherlands?
      • Concrete question from the province of South Holland: what can they mean in 2021?
      • What do the participants need now, immediately?
      • What can the CO2 Smart Use program mean in 2021?

Slides can be found via https://co2smartuse.com/insights/documents/

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